Svarog86 - a FreeDOS micro distribution for 8086/8088 computers

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What is Svarog86

Svarog86 is a "micro distribution" of the FreeDOS operating system. Its goal is to provide a simple, single-disk, up-to-date FreeDOS bootable system specifically designed to run on 8086 computers. Svarog86 is available in a variety of floppy disk formats. The distribution is built automatically from FreeDOS components fetched from latest stable FreeDOS repositories, and carefully chosen to be useful on a 8086/8088 class PC.
Svarog86 can help you revive an ancient 8086 PC either by running right from the diskette, or, if your PC has a hard drive, allowing you to install FreeDOS on it using Svarog86 as an installation bootdisk.

What Svarog86 is not

Svarog86 is NOT designed to be your 'go-to' default DOS bootdisk. It's not supposed to come with latest-greatest memory management tools, support modern filesystems or include any networking drivers or so. If you are looking for a bootdisk to run some old games on your 486 PC, Svarog86 is most likely not for you. For a "generic" FreeDOS distribution, you might want to look at Svarog386.

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